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Welcome to visit Jianghai website! To share your worries and increase your profit, we provide you with various services.

1. Purchase Guide
Our company supplies 19 series of machines, including the sheet metal shear, press brake, hydraulic press and so on. There are more than a hundred models in all. Professional purchase guide service will be offered to help you make a decision.
1) Please determine the texture, length, width, thickness and other factors of workpieces you intend to process.
2) Our products are divided into ordinary type, economical CNC type and complete CNC type. We will recommend suitable models to you in line with your demands.
3) In case there are some special requirements, our technology department may design the metal forming equipment for you in accordance with your workpiece sketches.
4) In general, our date of delivery is 30 days.

2. Customization
Customization is available to manufacture nonstandard machine tools.
1) Please inform us of relevant factors, such as product use, texture and dimension of materials to be processed, configuration requirement for main machine, product color, workpiece sketches, etc.
2) After product program is designed on the basis of your needs, we will discuss it with you.
3) We may make you an offer for the customized product, after you approving the program.
4) Once the offer is accepted and a contract is made, our company starts to purchase raw materials for production.
5) Our manufacturing process adopts advanced technologies and meets related technical specifications. To guarantee superior product quality, we carry our quality control and inspection in the whole process.
6) Before packaging, all the products have to pass quality tests. The product manual, certificate of qualification, packing list and related technical materials will be sent to you together.
7) Adjoining Shanghai, our company usually exports products from ports in Shanghai.

3. Instructions
Since our product comes with simple structure, you can operate the machine with the help of the product manual. If there is any query, please contact us. Our technician will instruct you through emails or videos. Remember to inject some lubricating oil frequently, so as to prolong the working life of the product.

4. After-sales Service
1) Related customer service profiles will be created for follow-up service.
2) Our product is provided with one-year warranty. If the warranty expires, you need to bear the maintenance costs.
3) Once there is a problem in use, please communicate with us in the form of email, phone or video. Our technicians may help you deal with the problem without delay.
4) In case the problem can not be overcome through remote service, an engineer will be dispatched to assist you. The expense depends on specific circumstances.

5. Technical Support
Our professional research and development team have unceasingly summed up experience, and offered new product research and development service for years. Thus far, we have successfully obtained multiple product patents. These patents have been applied in our products, which effectively improves product quality and production efficiency. Technical support is available, if necessary.