Add.: Industrial Park, Libao Town, Hai’an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China.
Tel.: +86-51388212251

Company Tour

Covering an area of over 270 thousand square meters, Jianghai is located in Libao town of Jiangsu province. Our registered capital is 200 million yuan, and paid in capital is 158 million yuan. In recent years, our company has been awarded lots of honorary titles, such as “China Famous Brand”, “High- and New-Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” and so forth. We have received an export license and been granted the rights of self-managed import and export. Additionally, our organization has gained ISO9000 quality management system certification.

  • Jianghai focuses on environmental protection and creates a comfortable working environment. The factory is full of trees and flowers.
  • The sample room is used to display our products. The major power section is highlighted by LED lamps.
  • We possess some production equipment to manufacture components and parts of the sheet metal shear, press brake, plate bending roll and hydraulic press. Our staff continuously summarize experience to improve productivity and product quality.
  • Our 3.15×12m double housing planer is applied to process large-sized workpieces of our plate bending roll, straightener, guillotine shear and other machine tools. Operated by experienced employees, it comes with high precision and high working efficiency.

  • The CNC planer type milling machine can machine diversified precision parts, including panels, disks, shells, dies and so on.

  • After clamping at a time, our CNC floor type boring machine is able to fulfill various processing procedures, like milling, boring, tapping, etc. The machine does well in high precision and good rigidity.
  • The CNC machine tool is capable of milling, boring, tapping and machining flat or cambered materials after clamping. It is perfect for processing large or heavy complicated workpieces in abnormal shapes.
  • Our CNC precision lathe is used to machine lead screws, nuts, cross shafts, etc.

  • The miller is applied to manufacture workbenches, sliding blocks, frames and other components of our products.
  • The drilling machine is suitable for drilling holes on workpieces.

  • The drill press can process bent axles.
  • Some accessories require welding fabrication.
  • After completing workpieces, we will start to assemble products.

  • Our warehouse keeps a certain number products, supporting immediate delivery, so as to satisfy the demands of urgent orders.
  • Our employees may employ PE plastic film for packaging, and then fix the product, which helps to avoid possible damage caused by collision or fraction in transit.
  • Close to Shanghai, our company enjoys convenient transportation and usually ships goods from ports in Shanghai.