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    1. CNC Tandem Press BrakesIdeal for processing guard bars, light poles, telegraph poles and other extra-long workpiece that is used in urban construction.
    1. CNC Electro-hydraulic Press Brake

      Purchased from well-known brands, its hydraulic and electrical components are of standard specifications and easy to replace.
      The standard back gauge consists of precise ball screw and linear guideway, which effectively improves bending accuracy.

    1. Press Brake CNC SystemThe system will prompt you if you program incorrectly, operate the hydraulic press brake improperly or the machine breaks down, so as to save time for troubleshooting.
      Its real time Windows system is able to perform multitasking and document management.
    1. Electro-Hydraulic Press Brake

      The back gauge distance and ram stroke are displayed on the screen, and can be controlled intelligently. A special device may be used to finely adjust the distance and stroke.
      During the ram stroke, the operator is able to control its initial synchronization through a torque shaft.

    1. CNC Swing Beam Shear

      Composed of the CNC control panel and position encoder, the closed-loop control system works rapidly and steadily, and is able to ensure the accuracy of back gauge displacement. In addition, the CNC control panel can fulfill precision compensation, automatic detection and other functions.

    1. Swing Beam Shear

      In blue-white or yellow-white, this sheet metal processing machinery looks simple and attractive. It can process sheet metal as thick as 4mm-25mm, and its maximum shearing width reaches up to 6000mm. The shearing machine is especially suitable for processing metallic materials in automobile, lamp pole, ship and other industries.

    1. Heavy-duty Swing Beam Shear This heavy-duty swing beam shear is perfect for steel plate production lines in steelworks. It is capable of continuously shearing materials at a high temperature. Its blade gap, otherwise known as blade clearance, can be adjusted in accordance with plate thickness.
    1. Guillotine Shear

      The blade gap may be rapidly and accurately adjusted through a hand wheel.
      With long service life, the four cutting edges of its square blade all can be used. Its shear angle supports adjustment, reducing the deformation possibility of sheet metal.

    1. CNC Control Panel for Metal ShearThe product is able to draw back intelligently, preventing back gauge from interfering with workpiece.
      It realizes one-way positioning, which eliminates transmission gap between lead screws.
      Switch between imperial system and metric system
    1. Heavy Duty Mechanical ShearWith considerable pressure force, its unique mechanical pressure system effectively gets around the possible sheet displacement problem in the shearing process.
    1. Universal Rolling Machine

      Its upper roller is in the shape of a drum. There are carrier rollers under the bottom of lower rollers for adjustment. The machine is able to roll thin or thick plates into workpieces with high straightness.
      Due to the unique rear plate rolling technology, this plate rolling machine realizes continuous

    1. Hydraulic Three-Roll Machine An upper roller vertically moves up and down in the central symmetrical position of two lower rollers. To realize hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic oil within the hydraulic cylinder exerts a force on the piston.
    1. Mechanical Three-Roll Machine

      Our plate bending roll is extensively applied to manufacture cylindrical workpieces in petroleum, chemical, boiler, steel structure, machine-building and other industries.

    1. Hydraulic Rolling ShearWith high working efficiency, it is able to shear pipes 6-12 times per minute.
      This large-size and high-power machine has the maximum shear force of 16000KN and can process materials as thick as 50mm.
    1. Roller Leveler The roller leveler is applied to straighten medium steel plate with the thickness of 6-80mm. With 2mm/m straightening precision, it is able to handle various bends and curves, so as to relieve bending stress and improve straightness of steel plates.
    1. Single-Action Drawing PressThe working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within limits in accordance with technological requirements. With easy operation, the product can be controlled by buttons, and is provided with adjusting, manual and semi-automatic operating modes.
    1. Four Column PressIn the middle of workbench, there is an ejector that can push out workpieces and help the hydraulic cushion to process reverse-drawing workpieces. Its working pressure and stroke may be adjusted within a limited scope according to actual demands.
    1. Single Action PressIts connecting pipelines and leakage points have been reduced. The single action press is ideal for drawing, bending, blanking, flanging or stamping sheet metal, and pressing powders or plastic materials. There are 9 models for you to choose from.
    1. 4 Column Double-Action Press

      Controlled by an imported PLC, its electrical system comes with compact structure, high sensitivity, reliable operation and easy maintenance. There are hydraulic cushions in the floor beam.