1. Single-Action Drawing PressThe working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within limits in accordance with technological requirements. With easy operation, the product can be controlled by buttons, and is provided with adjusting, manual and semi-automatic operating modes.
    1. Four Column PressIn the middle of workbench, there is an ejector that can push out workpieces and help the hydraulic cushion to process reverse-drawing workpieces. Its working pressure and stroke may be adjusted within a limited scope according to actual demands.
    1. Single Action PressIts connecting pipelines and leakage points have been reduced. The single action press is ideal for drawing, bending, blanking, flanging or stamping sheet metal, and pressing powders or plastic materials. There are 9 models for you to choose from.
    1. 4 Column Double-Action Press

      Controlled by an imported PLC, its electrical system comes with compact structure, high sensitivity, reliable operation and easy maintenance. There are hydraulic cushions in the floor beam.


Hydraulic Press

Our hydraulic press mainly falls into the four column type, single action type, four-column double-action type for sheet metal drawing and single-action hydraulic drawing press.

The hydraulic press is able to carry out drawing, blanking, bending, flanging, extruding, forming and so on. This hydraulic metal press is commonly seen in automobile, rolling stock, ship, motor, instrument, power, aviation and other industries.