1. Hydraulic Rolling ShearWith high working efficiency, it is able to shear pipes 6-12 times per minute.
      This large-size and high-power machine has the maximum shear force of 16000KN and can process materials as thick as 50mm.
    1. Roller Leveler The roller leveler is applied to straighten medium steel plate with the thickness of 6-80mm. With 2mm/m straightening precision, it is able to handle various bends and curves, so as to relieve bending stress and improve straightness of steel plates.

Sheet Metal Forming Equipment

In 2011, our company and Taiyuan University of Science and Technology successfully developed the fully hydraulic scale bilateral rolling-cut shearing technology. On the basis of this leading technology, we have launched the hydraulic rolling shear that is a significant breakthrough in the industry.

Composed of the roller leveler and rolling-cut shearing machine, our sheet metal forming equipment is mainly applied to process metallic materials in large steel mills. It has gone into operation in Hebei Wenfeng Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd., Handan Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd. and Zhejiang Binhai Metal Product Co.,Ltd. Our sheet metal forming equipment features high processing quality, simple structure, small investment, low maintenance cost and great economic efficiency.