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Roller Leveler

The roller leveler is applied to straighten medium steel plate with the thickness of 6-80mm. With 2mm/m straightening precision, it is able to handle various bends and curves, so as to relieve bending stress and improve straightness of steel plates. This plate leveler is suitable for low alloy plates, boiler plates, pressure vessel plates, automotive frame plates, boat decks, pipeline steel and other plates.

1. This independently developed roller leveler is proud of great straightening accuracy, good ruggedness and high durability.
2. During its development and production process, we overcame lots of difficulties and obtained multiple patented technologies, including medium steel plate straightening technique and equipment technology, optimization method of automatic metal plate straightening technological parameters, depress system of metal plate straightening machine, etc. With the help of these technologies, the straightening machine comes with high quality and reasonable price.
3. Due to large size, the roller leveler is also ideal for processing large steel plates. It has been installed in a number of domestic iron and steel companies, such as Jigang Group Co.,Ltd., Xinyu Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd., Wuyang Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. and so on. They express great satisfaction owing to our excellent quality and efficient service.

Technical Parameters of Roller Leveler
Straightening thickness 6-80mm
Straightening precision 2mm/m
Maximum straightening width 4200mm
Maximum straightening force 30000KN
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