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Hydraulic Rolling Shear

Our hydraulic rolling shear is one of our proprietary products. Its shearing thickness is 6-50mm and shearing width is 1200-4800mm. This sheet metal shear is suitable for shearing large or ultra-large round steel pipes and welded pipes online or offline. Different from traditional metal cutting machinery driven by the crank shaft mechanism, our machine adopts a hydraulic connecting rod mechanism, which marks an important change in the industry.

Features of Hydraulic Rolling Shear
1. The hydraulic rolling shear comes with good cutting capacity, high shearing quality, simple structure, small investment, low maintenance cost, etc.
2. We have filed 6 patents for this quality product.
3. With high working efficiency, it is able to shear pipes 6-12 times per minute.
4. This large-size and high-power machine has the maximum shear force of 16000KN and can process materials as thick as 50mm.
5. The hydraulic rolling shear has been well received by many domestic iron and steel enterprises.
1) In 2006, our company developed and manufactured a powerful machine for Hebei Wenfeng Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd. to shear 2800mm medium steel plates. Under our professional guidance, the customer always maintains it properly. Now this machine still functions well, and is highly estimated.
2) In 2008, we provided a hydraulic machine for the medium steel plate plant of Handan Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd. The product is applied to shear 3500mm steel materials and works properly.
3) In 2010, we offered a steel pipe shear to Zhejiang Binhai Metal Product Co.,Ltd. for machining 4300mm materials. The customer is highly satisfied with our high-performance product.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Rolling Shear
Shearing thickness 6-50mm
Shearing width 1200-4800mm
Maximum shear force 16000KN
Shearing frequency 6-12 times /min
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