1. Universal Rolling Machine

      Its upper roller is in the shape of a drum. There are carrier rollers under the bottom of lower rollers for adjustment. The machine is able to roll thin or thick plates into workpieces with high straightness.
      Due to the unique rear plate rolling technology, this plate rolling machine realizes continuous

    1. Hydraulic Three-Roll Machine An upper roller vertically moves up and down in the central symmetrical position of two lower rollers. To realize hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic oil within the hydraulic cylinder exerts a force on the piston.
    1. Mechanical Three-Roll Machine

      Our plate bending roll is extensively applied to manufacture cylindrical workpieces in petroleum, chemical, boiler, steel structure, machine-building and other industries.


Plate Rolling Machine/Plate Bending Roll

As a metal bending machine supplier, Jianghai provides various kinds of plate rolling machine that is also known as plate bending roll. Our roll bending machine is proud of high price-performance ratio and long working life. Its featured types are upper roller universal plate type, hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical plate type and mechanical 3-roller symmetrical plate type. Our plate rolling machine can be applied to roll tubular or tapered work pieces in automobile, ship, iron, stainless steel, interior decoration, doors and windows, mechanical hardware and other industries.

Our plate bending machines, also known as bending rolls, have attracted customers from Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries or regions. To deal with your queries quickly and offer excellent services, we have appointed agents in more than 20 countries.