1. CNC Swing Beam Shear

      Composed of the CNC control panel and position encoder, the closed-loop control system works rapidly and steadily, and is able to ensure the accuracy of back gauge displacement. In addition, the CNC control panel can fulfill precision compensation, automatic detection and other functions.

    1. Swing Beam Shear

      In blue-white or yellow-white, this sheet metal processing machinery looks simple and attractive. It can process sheet metal as thick as 4mm-25mm, and its maximum shearing width reaches up to 6000mm. The shearing machine is especially suitable for processing metallic materials in automobile, lamp pole, ship and other industries.

    1. Heavy-duty Swing Beam Shear This heavy-duty swing beam shear is perfect for steel plate production lines in steelworks. It is capable of continuously shearing materials at a high temperature. Its blade gap, otherwise known as blade clearance, can be adjusted in accordance with plate thickness.
    1. Guillotine Shear

      The blade gap may be rapidly and accurately adjusted through a hand wheel.
      With long service life, the four cutting edges of its square blade all can be used. Its shear angle supports adjustment, reducing the deformation possibility of sheet metal.

    1. Heavy Duty Mechanical ShearWith considerable pressure force, its unique mechanical pressure system effectively gets around the possible sheet displacement problem in the shearing process.

Hydraulic Metal Shear

Jianghai is a dedicated Chinese sheet metal cutting machine manufacturer. Our line of hydraulic metal shears includes swing beam models, guillotine models, and mechanical models.

Our hydraulic shears are suitable for automobile, ship, iron, stainless steel, household appliance, kitchen ware, interior decoration, mechanical hardware and other industries.

Now our sheet metal shear has been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries or regions. We have agents in more than 20 countries, so as to answer your queries timely and offer efficient services.