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Heavy-duty Swing Beam Shear


This heavy-duty swing beam shear is perfect for steel plate production lines in steelworks. It is capable of continuously shearing materials at a high temperature. Its blade gap, otherwise known as blade clearance, can be adjusted in accordance with plate thickness. There are 8 models available.

Features of Heavy-Duty Swing Beam Shear
1. With welded-steel structure and hydraulic transmission, the shearing machine delivers stable operation, good ruggedness and high rigidity.
2. This metal plate cutting machine is provided with stepless stroke adjustment function.
3. To guarantee safe operation, a safety fence is chained to the machine.
4. The CNC control panel is combined with a position encoder, so as to form a closed-loop control system that helps improve speed and precision. The system is able to ensure accurate movement of the back gauge. The panel has multiple functions, including precision compensation, automatic checkout and so on.
5. Since its hydraulic power is separated from the main machine, the sheet metal shear performs well in high temperature resistance.
6. Here, tensile strength σb ought to be less than or equal to 450Nmm. If you are going to shear materials with other tensile strength, please correspondingly change their thickness.
7. The shearing machine is available with different CNC control panel in line with your demands.

CNC Control Panel for Metal Shear

Jianghai can provide several CNC control panels that are suitable for our sheet metal shear, so as to meet different demands.


1. The CNC control panel is able to position a motor-driven shaft.
2. Available operating modes are manual, semi-automatic, automatic and continuously automatic mode.
3. Its memory can store 99 programs which are marked from number 1 to 99.
4. Each program includes 20 positions.
5. Every position is capable of connecting 65 thousand cycles.


1. 240*128 LCD display
2. The CNC system supports multi-step programming at a time. It may run programs automatically and position the shaft continuously.
3. The product is able to draw back intelligently, preventing back gauge from interfering with workpieces.
4. It realizes one-way positioning, which eliminates transmission gap between lead screws.
5. Switch between imperial system and metric system
6. Position compensation
7. Power off memory function (optional)
8. Automatic searching reference point function (optional)


1. The CNC control panel is provided with a 275*48 HD LCD display.
2. Back gauge control
3. Blade edge gap control
4. Shearing stroke control
5. It shows the actual position of back gauge and programming values simultaneously.
6. Shearing count
7. 100 program steps
8. Panel-type installation
9. Servo control, frequency converting speed control and double speed AC motor control


1. Panel-type installation
2. High-light LCD display screen
3. Back gauge control
4. Drawing back control
5. Shear angle control
6. Shear gap control
7. Shearing stroke control
8. The operator is able to move shafts manually.
9. Pressure control

Technical Specifications of Swing Beam Shear

Model Allowable Sheet Thickness ( mm) Allowable Sheet Width ( mm) Rake Angle (° ) Frequency of stroke (times/min) Back gauge range (mm ) Main motor power (kw)
QC12Y-32×2500 32 2500 5 200~800 55
QC12Y-32×3200 32 3200 4 200~800 55
QC12Y-40×2500 40 2500 5 200~800 75
QC12Y-40×3000 40 3000 3 200~800 90
QC12Y-50×3000 50 3000 5 200~800 90×3
QC12Y-50×6000 50 6000 5 200~800 90×5
QC12Y-60×3500 60 3500 5 200~800 90×4
QC12Y-60×6000 60 6000 3° 30 ' 5 200~800 90×6
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